Custom Tours

From 2 to 10 hours

Explore Lake Tahoe’s beauty aboard our classic boat. Your captain doubles as your guide, sharing tales of those who’ve shaped this stunning landscape. Each Tour includes 3 professional photographs to capture the memory.

Depending on your location, we offer convenient pickup services from several different locations such as Garwoods, Tahoe City, Lake Forest and Camp Richardson public piers. If you prefer to be picked up from your personal dock or your hotel’s dock, simply inform us during the booking process, and we will make the necessary arrangements.

Lake Tahoe Classic Boats


2-Hour Boat Tour – Starting at $1,000 USD

Declare your love in Lake Tahoe’s most romantic setting aboard Liberty 1776. Its timeless beauty creates an unforgettable backdrop for an engagement. The magical experience blends the lake’s beauty with the boat’s classic charm. Cherish an intimate, unforgettable moment, forever tied to Lake Tahoe’s captivating beauty, symbolizing your love.

Lake Tahoe Classic Boats

Elopement / Wedding

2-Hour Boat Tour – Starting at $1,000 USD

Exchange vows on Lake Tahoe’s scenic wooden boat, surrounded by azure waters and majestic mountains. Anticipation fills the air as you step onto the vessel, a haven of timeless romance. This wedding celebrates nature’s beauty, love’s strength, and the joy of a lifelong journey amid the serene lake and grand mountains, creating an unforgettable day.


Starting at $1,000 USD

Elevate your commercial using Liberty 1776, a stunning 33-foot wooden boat. Its timeless beauty and spacious deck offer a perfect backdrop for advertising. Showcase luxury, promote products, or capture Lake Tahoe’s beauty, making this boat your visual storytelling centerpiece.

Lake Tahoe Classic Boats

Real Estate

Starting at $2,000 USD

Elevate the real estate experience by treating your clients to a unique journey aboard a luxurious wooden boat on Lake Tahoe. This extraordinary approach combines nature’s beauty, private opulence, and property exploration, creating an unforgettable and awe-inspiring experience. Glide to each property, showcasing distinctive views and architectural features. The tranquil boat ambiance fosters focused discussions and indulgent amenities, enriching client collaboration and trust-building, setting you apart in the real estate industry.